Saturday, May 12, 2007


Banquet and A Mixtape (or 6)

Band Banquet was great. Pictures to come. I was awarded a letter as well as a "Distinguished Service Certificate" for assuming Concert Two's Secretary position and taking roll daily. That is quite the feat, lemme tell ya. I plan on building on this responsibility and becoming Band Secretary/Treasurer as a senior. I would announce superlatives from the podium at Banquet '10!

I'm still in my dress. May I say, strapless ensembles are not my favorite. And the netted petticoat thingy is pretty darn abrasive. I didn't trip in my Could Kill You With This Heel heels, though. As far as I can tell, it's a blisterless shoe: 4-inch, bronze, strappy number.


Mixes are in the process. I spent a good bit of time on these it turns out, mix assembling is rather intricate. I had a good time with them; they're the best I've ever made. Will be mailed out on Monday for sure.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Picture Perfect

Guess what?

I saw my first Duck Mom and Duck Babies train today. They were floating down a creek. Floating...? Well they don't swim...

Anyways. I was at my bus stop after having taken off my Hell of A Blister Shoes and running home to grab my Algebra book when I peeked at my neighbors' creek and saw the Duck family. There were five Ducklings, babies as I like to call them. "What was a duck doing with five babies? Were they crying?" my dad asks. Ha. Ha. Ducklings, okay?

Today was a beautiful day. They've been beautiful for some time now, and I enjoyed the bus window wind on my way to school. It ensured that I would be awake enough to complete my 4th period class homework in 1st period.

But then, I didn't make it that far. Mom picked me up before lunch, which was good; I needed the alone time and had forgotten my pizza money.

^ an example photo I wish I had taken but did not.

A Sob Story

The results are in...

And I did not make the drumline. I will spend my summer Tuesday and Thursday nights with the "Front Ensemble". In a marching band, the Front Ensemble (or pit) is the collection of mallet keyboards and accessory instruments at the front of the field. These players are still percussion and provide a melody and background effects, but do not march. I have nothing against the pit or the people who play in it. It takes an incredible amount of skill. But I really really love to march. I love that drumline, and it sucks that I was beat out by a friend I was sure I'd stick with, and a rookie. That means I'm really not good at all.

So today, after reading the new Walton Marching Band Percussion rankings, I found my name and walked away. I'm not sure what everyone else made; I was in a bit of a daze for the next three hours until my mom came to pick me up. She understands my disappointment and thankfully is not disappointed in me. I'm disappointed in me. I worry others are too. That's worse, you know, letting down other people.

So I'm home now, all alone until Jack and Skye get home. My face is a bit soggy and my spirits are shot, but there's a chocolate cake in the oven and an impressive Tivo assortment. I'll get through it. Until next year...

Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Here I sit in my third period class, typing this post because I find it amusing that doing so is an option. Actually, I'm on my knees (can't find a chair) and halfheartedly listening to Mrs. D discuss Change of State. There's a diagram and everything, but she knows we've been there done that and allows us to take the review as we need it. I don't have a focus problem, per se...I simply choose to focus on a different topic than the one at hand. I happen to be a Change of State Master; I'll be okay come End of Course Test -- a.k.a. EOCT.

A sidenote: drumline audition results posted tomorrow. I am very, very nervous. Not being good enough is my fault completely, so I've prepared myself for the worst. Optimism is good and all, but unrealistic optimism disappoints. "Realist" suits me, I suppose. Come back tomorrow for a) a sob story, or b) an ecstatic account of the summer to come.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Oh How I Love My Jeans

Dress shopping, as it turns out, is fun in theory. However. When searching for THE band banquet dress, the outing is a dreaded one. Today's was fairly harmless; our first stop was our only stop. Filene's Basement had a cheap, decent selection. After a few amusing, floor length try-ons, I settled (lovingly chose, really) on a light blue and dark brown, flowered, strapless piece. The size is a bit off, but the tailor is my friend, the price was right, and I really wanted to go home.

I had enough budget space to purchase a huge pair of "pearls", a plate of chinese buffet, a pink lemonade, and a cinnamon sugar pretzel.

Alas, I forgot my camera. And believe me -- the people watching has never been better. Really interesting people like to hang at the mall, it seems.

Banquet is Friday, and I promise: pictures will be taken.