Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Writer's block just made my list of most crippling sensations.

The other two are heartbreak and distance from God.

I suppose I am thankful that I only have three. Pray that I reach out to somebody on the days I encounter all three.

Monday, March 15, 2010


"you put the verb in reverberate,"
she said.
"you bounce within me like a jarred firefly,
trapped but still lit.
blinking and communicating."

"I want to fly,"
he said.
"I want to smell the sun
and drink the sky.
drown in the wind
and whisper to the stars."

"you're quite the Icarus,"
she said.
"promise me, love, that you will cool before you burn.
hit the water before you swallow the sun.
I promise you, love, to dodge the dripping wax and cloaking feathers.
to catch you."

"don't you see?"
he said.
"you need only be caught.
for you are my sun
my sky
my wind
and my star.
my feathers will cloak you alone.

it is then you will know I am home.

it is then I will know I am home."