Thursday, November 13, 2008

Missed Connections

I couldn't help but expand these audiences. Enjoy. (from P.S. In case this post has confused you, I did not write these. I found them on Craigslist under a category called Missed Connections -- people write anonymously to others they wish to regain contact with, hoping that the subject finds it at some point. Here are some I thought you'd like:

to the girl with the broken hand
You are rad. You complimented me on my (the Jam) shirt and I was delighted by the way your face lit up as you began rambling about mod bands. I hope you read this, but if you don't I will be back to see you soon.

I Hate You
So what gives, after four years you decide to grow a backbone? You could at least give me a reason, you could at least open that beautiful mouth and tell me why, instead of leaving me to guess and speculate. I'd like to think that I deserve better than that, after everything. I know that I made mistakes along the way, but I always did my best to be there for you, I never batted an eye at coming to your aide, regardless of the cost or sacrifice involved. And you know what? Even after all of this, I still wouldn't, and that's the damnable misery of it. I don't know how long it will take for this to wear off, if ever. It's new and fresh every day. I miss you something terrible.

Green eyes in the office at school
I saw you this morning at the elementary school, you were wearing a black Wake Forest University sweatshirt. I am unable to describe your beautiful eyes. I know I was staring, you smiled brilliantly. What a vision to take in. I could gaze at you all day. Thank you doesn't even cover it. I noticed your PTA tag. I will be sure to attend all events!

we made out in your dorm a few years ago
i felt something then. and every time i see you, it comes back. i think about you more often than i should. i can't help it, really. i doubt if you'll see this and that's okay. you're awesome and unforgettable.

Happy Birthday My Love
This will be the first year of many years to come without being able to say Happy Birthday to you. You'll never read this and if you do you'll never realize its me, but I wanted to be able to still say it anyways.

So Happy Birthday My Love. My Birthday wish for you is that you never know another sad day in your life, that you never have to cry yourself to sleep, that you find the love of your life, and that you have nothing but good health and happiness for the rest of your life.


To My Wife
I received the divorce papers. I am shamed. I am sick with grief that I have done this to you. My beautiful wife. I love you. I love our children. What have I done? I do not deserve you. I have failed you greatly. You have asked so little of me. I couldn't even pull that off. How sad and lonely you must feel. I have thrown your life away with mine. My children. I cannot express the grief I feel at this moment. Not that it matters. Yours by far is greater.

Your creativity amazes me. You asked for nothing. You asked for not one posession, not a single dime. You merely asked me to open my eyes and learn from this great mistake. To seek out help. To seek guidance to be a better father, husband, friend. To seek understanding and forgiveness.

I know you read these posts, since we have talked about them long ago, yes, remember when we actually spoke to one another? I have thought greatly of all the things I miss of you, and they are numerous.

I have many things to make amends with you about. I have no idea if you will choose to accept me back. I know it is your choice.

I am flying back in the morning, instead of Saturday. I hope to find you there. I've texted you three times and called twice. Perhaps the silence is my answer.

Even after everything
I still want to help you write your book. No matter how it ends