Monday, November 12, 2007


she lives in a house of eggshells.
sometimes they crack and fall into her hair,
or bed, or soup.
there should be reasons for such happenings,
but she bothers not to know.
she lives with a heart of fairy tales.
she was Rapunzel once,
but ever since she cut her hair,
the heart only whispers.
she plugs her ears when it whispers of the prince.
she plugs her ears and holds her breath
until the whisper changes to plea.
one time when she was younger,
she lived next door to neverland.
differently than anyone ever knew,
neverland was a traveling circus:
peter pan the lion tamer
and tinkerbell the acrobat
kept the lost boys behind the fun house mirrors.
she visited often to keep their tears at bay.
it was hard to sleep in her eggshell bed
while the boys wailed for her fairy tale heart
to lead them home.