Monday, January 21, 2008

Delta Mike Bravo

anyone seen the bridge down by the river?
the ants are marching through the still water stream.
you might die trying to save me from the big eyed fish
the captain was so damn lucky to crash into me.

the maker will say goodbye
to the sister with so much to say.
lover lay down to spoon the little thing
if i had it all i'd sleep to dream her everyday.

dancing nancies hunger for the great light
tripping billies cry freedom on grey street
the gravedigger's digging a ditch in the warehouse
we'll lie in our graves beneath the dreaming tree.

stolen away on 55th and 3rd,
busted stuff from granny let you down.
the american baby was out of my hands
rapunzel's got the best of what's around.

#41's grace is gone
#27 demanded he stay or leave
#34 said recently, "don't drink the water."
#40 sang the christmas song on halloween.

melissa had a crush on the bartender
and found the space between the old dirt hill and stone so right
but when the pig became the proudest monkey,
an angel sang a song that jane likes.

drive in, drive out to the louisiana bayou
where are you going when the world ends?
our last stop to seek up is one sweet world
you never know if i'll say hello again.