Wednesday, January 2, 2008


No one can know me as well as I do

because I'm scared.

{that once the people who've caused more feelings than they were ever aware of
-that's a surprisingly large group of people considering all the everything-
became aware of them
I would be viewed beneath and through the feelings.}

I'm not sure this blog can express what I really think and feel anymore.

I know too many of you...

and I've found I'm not strong enough to say.

{I have just enough strength to wrap this up and wait
for the midnight reveal

and not enough strength to wear my heart
this real heart!
on my sleeve
and hood
and pants legs

No doubt the second requires more.}

This all hinges, really, on one thing I've never said

(but believe wholeheartedly.)

And perhaps even then

I know the hard faces I've worn too well

to let a single soul meet me where they melt.

but I'm willing to try