Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hangin' Out

Man, I should have posted sooner after the festival. I wanted to post every night, but pretty much collapsed every time I got back to the room. Definitely collapsed the third night as a result of the sun poisoning I got from being a sunscreen-less LOSER. At least the human body reacts poorly to harm. Learned my lesson. (though you'd think I would have from an earlier sunburn? yeah. same here.)

I feel like I learned a lot about myself and other people, but it's sort of a blur in hindsight. A few things:
--flying solo at festivals is underrated. go with people, but heck, break away. it's extremely freeing. as long as you can find them at the end of the day.
--aren't hippies grand?
--there is absolutely NO need to grind with your significant other during a DJ set. at least nowhere near me. seriously. stop it.
--people are still surprised when I start dancing, hehe
--electronica is so much better live!
--there are so. many. bad tattoos out there. but hey, everyone's a judge, and I know people get tattoos for their own reasons. I'm sure some people think mine is ridiculous. but man, I can't help but regret some other people's tattoos FOR them.
--Big Gigantic uses electronic saxophone. how epic?!
--listening right now. why do earbuds have such sucky bass?

I don't what to say other than how in place I felt at that festival for the majority of the time. I absolutely loved it. Nineteen shows, and that's only because I was slacking. It was quite a posh fest... no one camped, and that was reflected in the crowd. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing from my end against the Greek society scene. But this fest was a bit of a SBXI [Spring Break 2011] phase two. There were SO MANY Greeks. Way more girls at least than I think would have ever camped through, say, Bonnaroo or Sasquatch or Coachella or Wakarusa. But perhaps I underestimate them. Lord knows I wasn't taking my stay in a beach condo for granted. But I think I'll need to go to a few more different fests to get the real feel.

The Hangout was so easy to get to and had such a surprisingly good lineup that I'm strongly considering making it an annual venture. The Hangout's lineup is encompassed, I think entirely, by Bonnaroo's lineup, but The Hangout is still cheaper, and it's still on the sand. Two plusses in my book.

In conclusion, I have never been so excited for anything, and I mean this in the most genuine sense, as I am about attending the Dave Matthews Band Caravan at The Gorge in George, Washington. I'm killing three bucket list birds with one fest: go to Seattle? check. see a show at The Gorge? try, eh, fifteen or so. be my own Davehead? bam.

I need to find some wood to knock on, because I haven't actually purchased my ticket yet. Funds are tight. I just got back from a music festival if you're just now tuning in. But until I scrape it together-slash-someone finds it in their hearts to loan me a chunk, I'm trusting that God wants me to go to The Gorge. And if He doesn't, that He'll start getting used to the idea.