Thursday, December 13, 2007


I couldn't hold my heart anymore.
Its edges sliced my fingers,
and the blood stained my skin.

I threw it into the sky,
caught the sun in my eyes,
and cringed as I heard a thud.

An older lady stopped to rescue it
and rubbed the dirt off
onto her Yorkie's winter sweater.

I said thank you and
would she like to keep it.
She said no and continued on.

I made a boat of leaves,
set my heart down into it,
and pushed it towards the waves.

A local fisherman found me
on a park bench
eight days later.

He looked from heart to face,
noticed the resemblance,
and tucked it into my fist.

I said thank you and
would he like to keep it.
He laughed and turned his back.

Becoming aware of its burden to me,
my heart suggested I
set up an eBay auction.

The highest bidder
was from Minnesota
and wouldn't cover the shipping costs.

I still have my heart.
It's small and messy
but knows a couple good jokes...

I noticed your heart
has taken a liking to mine.
Maybe you'd like to keep it?