Thursday, February 2, 2012

If the Amish could blog...

I told Skye yesterday that being an adult is expensive. But for the reasonable price of all of your income, stress, and a potential fraction of your mental health, you get to be one of those fine adults in return! notes: you don't have much of a choice in the matter, and "fine" is subjective like whoa.

But I'm likin' it. I feel rather productive. I went from never reading to reading at least ten or twenty pages a day. I bought a car. I drove it through its first oil change. It's insured. I discovered that knights can be un-knighted. I found an apartment. I sign a lease for one year in one week and start paying for rent, power, water, internet, and other assorted expenses like a normal person. I found out why the & is called an ampersand. I transferred my job to a more convenient location to save gas and time, cause time is money, and gas requires quite a bit of that. I worked on logistics for two additional jobs. You know, to cover those miscellaneous expenses. Like food. I filed my taxes. I tracked my return. And my turtle is still alive.

All that to say--life's trucking merrily along. It still comes with all the weird, melancholy stuff (I had two panicky-like-whatever-I-call-thems this week), but hey, melancholy is quite a beautiful word.

An update on my Facebook-less life: I forget that it is one. It's like before Facebook even existed, people still went on living. Kind of like the Amish do now. Poor Amish children. Never used a touch screen in their lives.

Au revoir, mon cheries!

...I took three years of Spanish, if that affords me any French mercy?

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Before and After

{no Facebook means more blogging, apparently? just try and keep up. I dare you. regarding post #9,634, I was reading my book, a very good book, and I had nothing to write on. except this bookmark, which is also a picture of my family. P.S. sharpie pens are delightful. read on:}