Monday, February 8, 2010

New York, I love you--but you're bringing me dum ba dum, ba dum ba dum

Though I am no Englishman, I will soon be a legal alien in New York.

Don't think of it as me leaving you. I chose NYC over Bremen, Germany, so there's something to be thankful for, eh?

Think of it as the greatest city in the world becoming more accessible; starting August sometime-or-other, there will be a person there--living day in and out, opening a Starbucks, grocery shopping, laundromatting, running in the rain, riding the metro--who loves and misses you.

I wish I had someone in New York who loves me. I guess I'll have to take who I find and make it happen!

"Distance is to love what wind is to fire; it kills what's fickle, but strengthens what's real."

[image courtesy of Le Love]
[title lyric courtesy of LCD Soundsystem]