Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"Why do you have blue on you?"

-Will, age almost 3, about my nail polish.

...and other summer ramblings.
  • Is summer too hot for spiders? Is that why they hang out in my room?
  • HEY I killed my first ever mosquito todayyyy
  • Ikea's having a sale. That never happens. Quick, get your 30 cent hand towels!
  • Reading pleasure books alongside required ones makes the latter easier to get through.
  • Parents, if at their last resort, try to get along for their kids. Siblings have no such motivation. Civility isn't cool enough, apparently.
  • Luckily, my friends can drive.
  • I need to replace my permit.
  • Coming soon to Lucy's walls: Rapture Blue. A color bright enough for all four walls, but deep enough to rule out baby blue..other weenie blues.... I mean come on. Rapture.
  • Sun bounces off of me. The only difference between my skin in the womb and my skin now, is that there's more of it.
  • I'll probably still manage to die of melanoma.
  • Speaking of death, are gardenias too aromatic for even themselves to handle? They last maybe six days. Where's the will power in that?
  • My phone doesn't send texts anymore.
  • I like that it's lighter for longer. I need to put it to the test with a rousing midnight game of hide-and-seek.
  • "Hide and Seek" is a wonderful song. I'm sorry. I couldn't ignore that music plug. The song is worth it.
  • WAIT false alarm. The text sent.
  • I canceled Smorty and they still link my words. That totally sucks. I've already emailed them four times about how to handle it. They misunderstood my problem and probably feel harassed at this point.
  • When given the word "harass" in a spelling bee, ask for alternate pronunciations. When they say HARE/us instead of huh/RASS, you'll remember that there are not, in fact, two Rs.
  • Also, "panache" is not phonetic. P-i-n-a-s-h sounded good though, didn't it?

  • I love you guys. I love summer. I love late nights and late mornings. I love getting out of the house with no apparent agenda. I love the concerts, I love the movies, I love the parties. I love that you're here to hear all about it.
  • Homonyms kind of suck though, huh.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

"Totally Underestimated The Creepiness."

The Cure, a beloved 80s into 90s alternative post-punk band, is a far cry from the act I'd pictured. Somehow, having listened and never seen, I envisioned them more along the lines of the fictional pop band of "Music and Lyrics," Pop! I don't know why I ever pegged them as such a posters all over a girl's room, on the back of your cereal box, featured on the next 80s comeback reality show, band. No. They're hardcore. And that's what happens when I accept a generous offer to attend a concert based on sound alone. Luckily, concerts run on sound alone. And even though they played every possible song except my favorite, "Friday I'm In Love," over the course of a 90 minute main set and 3 encore sets, I had a fantastic time. . .made possible by the surrounding and extremely intoxicated "dancers." Here are some highlights from June 15, 2008 at Gwinnett Center.