Sunday, August 3, 2008

An Interjection About the Process of Writing Something That You'd Like to Read More Than This Interjection

Which are your Those Days? You know, the "Have you been having one of those days?" days. My those days are stagnant. My motivations move in and out faster than I can say, "I need a nap," faster than the tendons in my hands flicker as I type. Higher than my motivation to read is the motivation to produce something as powerful as what I read. I am happy to say I have stumbled upon perhaps the greatest lesson of my writing career before the career's begun. Power finds me. It doesn't arrive when I hope it should or say it should, it doesn't appear as flawlessly or apparently as I'd like. But when I have too much to do, when I'm too busy or sleepy to even find a working pen -- that's when power seeps through what I'd decided was a pithy poem or convoluted paragraph of fiction. I will tell you that I hate that I can't control this. I often struggle with what I can't control. It's a fault I don't mind. And really, let's not even call it power. Call it magic. Or life. But whatever it is that pops from the page or screen, whatever it is that sticks with you and with me as a result, usually kicks me when I'm down. Kicks me to get back up again and write about what makes no sense. Because surprisingly? It makes sense to somebody most of the time.

And that makes no sense to me at all.