Monday, September 15, 2008


rolling tears liberate.
as each bass riff swells through
the greatest song you know
from the worst time you’d forgotten,
a cold and fragile outburst is
evidence of what a closed door hides.

rushing fears cripple.
what doesn’t kill you makes you
not stronger, but a lost and fallen
version of strength. hope for this.
for only the hope of strength’s return pushes
past blind eyes and forces clarity.

uneasy heart rates rise.
heads throb with pumping blood
but no sense is made.
hands shake and search for a handle,
an anchor. what you walked away from
still holds on.

expectations fall,
but mediocrity never knew you.
passion is passion and yours is full.
no one looks down when your chin is up.
tears and fears helped build you,
but you’re not built of them.