Saturday, August 11, 2007


blue and gold and pink
and blue and gold again
swinging dangling jangling
overtaking this vessel of ink

the vessel that promises
pleads from within me
to bubble up and away
with words and wind and woe

encased consciousness
never seems to comply
instead circling stooping sinking
into neverending recesses of thought.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Fun In L.A.'s Oriental District: Lost In Translation

"Kasugai's strawberry gummy. Made from fresh strawberry juice, is a very delicious gummy. Please have a fun time with this strawberry gummy."

"Friends are good. Sometimes they are so stupid but still find them adorable."

"Milky Way Puppy: To feel relief even though the sky is there...even the sky knows my mind."

"Oops! Its body and character turns dark when it gets dirty. 'Peodak' which is a close friend of 'Oops'. Let's make a funny movie with these guys."

"Well, I like egg fries, but I'm not an egg. Oh my god, anybody who can pick me up from this egg basket?!"


I found these and others printed on toys and objects in Life Plaza, "a perky gift store...stuffed with merchandise from Japan and Korea." -LA Magazine

Naturally, I bought them.

More on my trip to Los Angeles later this week when I can get my hands on a USB cord...and some spare time. Sorry, Mom. My remote thinking process is far from complex.