Thursday, July 22, 2010


summer means love and falling in love while being in love, love, and wondering which way the love falls. lower case letters and mix CDs, Julie's 80s Mix in the drive thru trash, a stack of cassettes tattooed on a hip. the empire state building, ESB to you, drawn smaller than life up the bones where you breathe. JET, LCD, ESB, ATL, NYC, life is so acronymical. sound out each letter, baby Lucy, C-A-T. don't say the whole word, blue collar worker, you'll run out of time. syllables correlate with inefficiency, Mr., you'd best spit it out. they'll know what you mean.

what do you mean? to whom do you trust your future? your safety, your security blanket, your excursion into post-curfew hours, your Excursion in the fast lane. Life in the Fast Lane? move over, Sparky. my radar detector detects no such thing. no lights, no sirens. no brakes, no fakes. the only siren I know boasts a cup of Anniversary Blend, spins around a lightning rod, spins around my 401K. and 401 K to go before you sleep. and 401 K to go before you sleep.

take a deep breath in, out. in, out. see? piece of cake. it heals in time. the number one rule?

exactly! I see you've been paying attention.