Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Today and Tomorrow

melted hershey kisses
transfer palms
because he likes the
way she swings
on chilly playground days.

she steals his scissors
then cuts a heart of pink
crudely but cutely
and in black crayola

"you are my friend
and i'll love you
today and tomorrow."

the crumpled pink promise
sends him to sleep each night,
for he knows that with each today she's loved him
comes a tomorrow left to love.

Monday, February 11, 2008


what have you done to me
and where have you hidden the key
to the tower in which my soul
has taken refuge?
why have you blinded me and
when did the staircase splinter?
how will you heal me?

these dragons they fly
through the flames you spit
the flames you stomach
spinning through sparks
meant to melt
but sparkling instead,
they ask you to dance

take my hands and wings
through the maze
throw me over your shoulder
and lift me to the pedestal
from where your pride fell
lift my chin and mask
my fear of heights.