Saturday, December 20, 2008


The shiny, silver bracelets
connecting her wrists
limited her movement
but released my inexplicable affection.

As she turned to face her warden,
our eyes met and exchanged a silent truth.
She breaks the law.
I enforce it.

My evening's fate,
Chinese take-out and Seinfeld reruns,
looked suddenly and strangely bland
when compared to another option.

was to be transferred,
in all of her tall, slender, dark brunette beauty,
to a lower security prison.

Her accompanying officer Deputy Hark
conveniently complained that The Bachelor ends tonight,
Marla's making garlic mashed potatoes,
and Trotner, would you take her for me please.

I thought of my overflowing heart,
her golden eyes,
and obliged.

[Lit Mag final]