Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Wow. Making a hobby out of heartbreak is heartbreaking.

This phase of my life feels like getting one giant, spontaneous tattoo. Painful and permanent. I didn't plan it, and I wish it would stop, and I'm not entirely sure the result will be beautiful. But I can't go back, and even if I tried to now, I'd be left unfinished. And I can't have that.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Bunny

Look at my Georgia home! There's white stuff everywhere! SNOMG

I spy Dad embracing his role as Starbucks Elf as the neighbors enjoy their Starbucks pastry deliveries....

Isn't it grand to have a phone that doubles as a better-than-capable camera? Yayayay only having to save up for one gadget!

So! No work today. No school today. Movies to watch, cakes to bake, games to play. Prayers to pray. One of which has been answered: I'll be able to pay for what's left of this year's tuition by myself! That's always a good feeling. Well I guess I'm feeling it for the first time. But it feels good!

Also, I was listening to Alexi Murdoch's "Song For You" and realized I may know-slash-love songwriter boys in the future. Weehaw :) Stay cozy, snow bunnies!