Saturday, May 16, 2009


never have I ever
lived forever
'neath the oak tree
spanning yard and sky
trunk unhuggable
sap unlickable

never have I ever
found its crook
that matches mine
its ribs and ebbs and flows
a wizened paradigm
of timeless character moguls

wisdom, pride, honor
boding well on her body
in her veins
toes to crown

never have I ever
smothered shaded memories in regret.
for what grass felt
and leaves saw
soaked into grooves
both mind and made.

Monday, May 11, 2009


I pretend that I'm the wizard.
that I know what you do
and you don't.
I resemble Dorothy.
Headstrong and looking for answers--
melting witches, that sort of thing.
I squeak like the tin man.
Metallic facial expressions,
rusty joints.
I bumble like the scarecrow.
Uncertain and dependent
harvesting substance and smarts.

I am the cowardly lion.
I lack the gumption to be sure of what I know
and the strength to stop fearing what I don't.
I am the paranoid zebra,
the fearful giraffe.
Still, I follow a golden road.
Still, I expect redemption
for my yellow bellied, zip-tied heart.


Note: I don't label all line-by-line posts "poetry" because some of it, in my opinion, isn't. ...Just in case you were thinking the same thing.