Monday, August 6, 2012


I've been trying to compose a Last Blog Post in my head all day, with little luck. How do you conclude five and a half years of cyberbabble?

Eh. You accept that you can't.

I'm done here. Thank you for reading, especially if you've been reading all along.

I knew I should have developed a signature goodbye by now. Alas.



Ren said...


Your blog has been a delight to read. It's been a wonderful look into your heart and soul, and I've loved looking at the world through your eyes.

If you decide to write a few more poems or posts now and then, we'll forgive you.

So much love the Heavens could not contain it,


Molly said...

WHATTTT. Okay, well I am deeply saddened but also filled with complete joy. Your thoughts have been a pleasure to read and an encouragement to pursue. Love you doll. cheers

Akanksha said...

Loved reading this over the years as well! You are an amazing writer (you always have been), and I hope I'll get to read more of your thoughts someday.

Cameron McAllister said...

But why?! Not that I question whether its the right move or not. If you know you're done here, you know it.

Scott said...

Will miss your posts :(